As a young entrepreneur, I am glad to introduce you to my company : GEOVECTORIX. It is a research department which main services are about mining geology, cartography and spatial technologies. The desire to open this research department comes from two essential findings such as:

- the mining geology is in full expansion in Africa, and particularly in Cameroon where we can notice a considerable mining boom since 2000. Indeed, there is an average of 140 mining permits research for about  sixty mining companies,  figures revealed on August 2011 ;

- the desire for Africa to get access on the science and spatial technologies. After my vocational training in remote sensing, GIS, CAD and Digital Terrain Modeling at the National Institute of Cartography of Yaoundé I, could enter the world unknown at the time of Space Science and Technology, where I found an awareness meet needs and mobilization of increasingly growing.


From these observations is added an internship that I made in 2011 in the mining company CAMIRON SUNDANCE RESOURCES at the end of which I finally decided to create my research department.


Getting stronger with all these achievements, I can now offer you services that I believe are best suited to meet your needs.


Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), CAD and Satellite Navigation Systems are in my opinion, the jobs of the future in which we must therefore invest. It is in this context that several firms of its kind have gradually been opened by young entrepreneurs like myself with whom I keep up professional relationships and of trust.


I think it is time for us, Africans to stand as one in order to lift up our continent, we have all the resources we need to do so. We should stop being afraid to dream out loud and start realizing our dreams by facing obstacles.


I strongly believe in our youth filled with a spirit of discernment and the sense of priorities; youth that has shown a thirst of knowledge, new technology and technical sciences. I also believe in these valuable young Africans women who think that there is not place for them in these scientific field.


Hoping to bring my modest contribution to the huge project Africa is involved in, I would like to thank all of you who made the realization of this structure possible.


I can not end my speech without special thanks to Mr ETOUNA Joachim, a professional of applications on space science and technologies. He initiated me on the practice in these domains. He taught me all I know today and for that. I am also grateful to him for his immeasurable support in all things i can do.


Yaounde, 20th september 2011.





G-stones resources

- Association des Professionels de la Géologie du Cameroun (APGCameroun)

- Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training 




La cosmologie ou science de l'univers se distribue en uranologie ou science du ciel en aérologie ou science de l'air en géologie ou science des continents et en hydrologie ou science des eaux.
Jean le Rond d'Alembert