Imagery and map service

GEOVECTORIX is first of all a provider of satellite images and a map service on the request of its customers. It concerns:


topographic, geomorphologic, geologic, mineralization, sampling and location maps, also 3D maps…; Cartogramms and choroplèthes for spatialization of phenomenons. 


To order a map or a satellite image, just gives us the coordinates of the four corners of your area of study.


G-stones resources

- Association des Professionels de la Géologie du Cameroun (APGCameroun)

- Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training 




La cosmologie ou science de l'univers se distribue en uranologie ou science du ciel en aérologie ou science de l'air en géologie ou science des continents et en hydrologie ou science des eaux.
Jean le Rond d'Alembert